AFFILIATE MARKETING- Out of satisfaction, we used to refer a shop to our peers, relatives or friends to give a try on buying a product/service is what even we do know most of the times of we are really happy with the quality of the product/service we got as a consumer and in few situations if not us the people who got attracted towards what we are wearing, or using may tempt them to buy it and at that point of time they may come to us out of curiosity to know the place where we bought it.

Yes, this is the real base point where the AFFILIATE MARKETING started rooting. This is a concept of win-win formulae for both the advertiser as well as the affiliates but how?

Affiliates have to make the audience click on the link and make them redirected to a certain website where the product is available and they can make the purchase of the product and affiliates gets the commission for initiating the purchase. This brought in a big change in the advertising market and the success of the concept made many big companies take the initiative of this concept. But then the forerunner for this idea was Amazon who started this program in 1996. Another additional benefit is trafficking the website.

So hope this will give a basic view on how to affiliate market concept work on one business. Next, let’s see who are all the major collaborators included in this concept of marketing

  • Company
  • Advertiser or Affiliate
  • Network or the application Software
  • Buyer        

A process of implementing the AFFILIATE MARKETING:

          It is not the best option to create dedicated software for getting commission-based income instead one can go with the affiliate network and buy an affiliate id by opening an account in their network the job of the affiliates is to crate trafficking and this concept is the best fit for e-commerce sites where most of the payment methods take place online and the commission will get credited to the affiliate easily.

Steps involved on how AFFILIATE MARKETING works:

          As a company, you have your products to reach the consumers and there may be hundreds of affiliates who are ready to introduce your product to the users and create traffic for your website as you wish but then the commission calculation needs automation by checking the effort of affiliates who did the best job.

So to track this sale quantity has to be tracked by including certain tracking options with the URL’s of the affiliate’s website and it will be created automatically by the affiliates network.

Minimum pay of 2.2% of the value of the transaction to the affiliates will be the most attractive payment that can attract the affiliates to take the initiative for your products and website trafficking.

The best optimum commission will only way to make this concept work out successfully.

How affiliate trafficking makes a sale:

          Anybody can share the product link but why only the affiliate share makes a sale is because of their website’s purpose most of the affiliates might have the exclusive website which gives the best reviews as we all have the habit of checking the various brand of a product and its user reviews before buying it so this made the job of the affiliates simple and easy to work out.

They take a product of the various brand and give a genuine review after analysing the customer’s opinions on those brands and give the link of the website say for example amazon or Flipkart where all those brands are available for the customer to buy and that’s it customers click on the website starts looking for the products get attracted and buy it that’s how the sale happen.

What changes in affiliate marketing can make more sales?

          The place where our advertisement takes place in the affiliate’s website plays a vital role so making attractive banners and taking the priority location on the affiliate’s website will attract the visitors of the affiliate website to have a look so that makes the probability of sales increase.

Modernised Ideas:

          Reel makers, insta influencers, YouTube influencers and movie stars who are maintaining any social media page can just promote or share the affiliate link of the product will surely make a big impact on the product promotion and when some known faces make the promotion to our product gives the next level of advertisement among the consumers because we all are influenced by those familiar faces.

Finally, whenever there are so much of positive aspects then one must also think of the negative side as well to be on the safer side as there may be the chance for the affiliates may give an invalid sale count so it is more important to keep valid tracking on the sale and the ROI but this is the outstanding way of reaching the consumer crowd in lightning speed with the help of right affiliates gets involved.


Happy Affiliate Marketingggggggggggg

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