Blog SEO: Factors that affect

         FACTORS THAT AFFECT BLOG SEO: Apple of an eye for digital marketing is SEO, to include more of the major keywords and to make your website the best reach one should use the best keywords in their website to make it get ranked and to add all the best possible keywords one can us the blog content but still in the blog SEO, few factors that affect on making an SEO blog a successful one.

Let us check on those factors and some effective ideas to make a successful SEO blog by working on that factors

First of all, blogging is the best possible way for effective SEO and it can also increase the quality of the website in all the best possible ways. And to make your website more attractive and increase the visiting crowd of your website can be raised by the top featured content and the trendy keywords can be inserted in your website through these blogs easily and that makes sense how the SEO blogs contribute to ruling the digital world.

But where there are benefits there are a few drawbacks as well that affect Blog SEO come let’s see the ranking factors that stand both directly & indirectly with Blog SEO.

We are here to help you in reaching the SEO goal by overcoming the affecting factors but make sure not to implement all the ideas at once.

  1. Maximum Spend time
  2. Improvising the page speed
  3. Making the website mobile friendly
  4. SERP Indexing
  5. Recent DATA

Maximum Spend time

         When it comes to SEO the major factor that can take off the reach of your website is keywords but then this alone will not make your website go high. The time that the reader spends on the webpage will be the most important criterion. The starting point is the Search Engine Results Page SERP this takes place right after the reader enter our website and start reading the website blog and the time when the reader hangs outs on the webpage and exit is called the exit time or the dwell time this is the indirect factor that takes your website to the next level.

Yes, the time spent by the reader in the blog will make google take your content as one of the important ones. It directly indicates how much the content makes sense to the reader.

Improvising the page speed

Think how if some page keeps buffering will make us irritate and that itself will make us come out of the webpage. On top of the visual elements, unnecessary plugins and codes make it slower so to speed up our page these elements can be eliminated and it can be cleaned easily by HTML-cleaner so concentrating more on removing issues and speeding up the page will be the best point on enhancing the blog SEO.

Making the website mobile friendly

         Half of the world is behind mobile phones as well all know around 9 out of 10 crowd uses mobile phones and our easy access is to search on mobile search engines so to keep us on trend our website should be compatible for mobile phones as well only then it will reach the exact crowd range as we expected. So mobile-friendly website plays a vital role and makes sure the apt font size for the mobile version enhances the readability which again ends up in Dwell time.

SERP Indexing

Whenever the search engine finds content it will add it to its index and only then the page can be retrieved from SERP whenever there is a search happens related to the keyword from the index page. But it is not necessary that the date on the index and the date of content published needs to be the same. The strategy called historical optimization can be done for better reach this can be obtained by adding some old posts in your new content with an interesting perspective this will give a greater impact on your Blog as well.

So if you get to understand all these factors that affect your Blog SEO better then you can master the blog SEO marketing and we will also catch you with another article on How to optimize Blog SEO.

Happy Bloggingggggg……….

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